Wednesday, 15 August 2012

#3mhothouse Speedshare

The SpeedShare at the #3mhothouse was a chance for anyone who wanted to to share something they've used successfully in their schools. As you can see from the wordle above the range of things people are doing is massive and it was fantastic to hear about so many different projects and success stories. There are several things above that I would love to try out, and it's always good to be reminded of fab sites that you haven't used in a while (I really should use more often). I will definitely be thinking of ways to incorporate these things into the curriculum next year. I'm not going to add links, I'm sure you can search for anything that catches your eye :)
Also, check out the Linoit that Sheli set up with lots of thoughts and links about the event from people that were there.
(hungry and fish are supposed to be together and so is motion and math - both apps that can be used on the iPad)

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