Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mozilla Webmaker #3mhothouse

Mozilla are most well known as the makers of the FireFox internet browser but at #3mhothouse we were introduced to three very cool little tools which they are currently developing. The tools - Thimble, X-ray goggles and Popcorn - work in any web browser - great! - and can be found here.
Thimble is a web-based website maker which allows you to code and create your own pages.
X-ray Goggles allows you to create website mash-ups by playing with the codes of websites to create your own, personalised/unique versions.
Finally, Popcorn allows you to create videos in your browser using stuff on the web. It's still in beta version at the moment but looks pretty cool so far.
The website gives a much better explanation than I do and also has lots of projects and idea to get started using these tools straight away. Go check them out!

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