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TMPlay notes 15/02/2012

Tm play was a small, informal teachmeet which myself and Mike McSharry held at Beaumanor Hall on 15th Feb.
Massive thanks need to go to Sarah McSharry who videod the presentations and then got them all up onto the website by the following day! They can be found here - TMPlay Presentations (apologies for sound quality - the webcam wouldn't work so we had to rely on inbuilt webcam and mic on Sarah's laptop and she wasn't close enough to pick up the sound very well.)
Ray Chambers talked about using the kinect sdk. Ray has programmed lots of simple activities to use in class eg:
Kinect calculator
Phonics test
Kinect ebook
Kinect quiz
kinect emulator for kodu, including movement and voice
He has found it increases attendance, known as 'the kinect teacher'. 
Children want to know how to make their own programmes.
All applications Ray has built are on his blog free to download
Ray also mentioned the Partners in Learning network, which through Microsoft provide lots of free resources and forums. 
Marc Faulder talked about using the kinect in Foundation Stage, and other games based learning
Kinect for foundation as gesture based, no controllers
Ks2 use wii as can play 4 at a time
iPads in each class
Educational games on the iPads - use physical resources to match the game play
Non educational games
Kinectimals played as part of topic on animals. Whole class intro - Gameplay to support cll.
Problem was 1 child at a time, 29 sat waiting didn't work. Therefore, put kinect into a different area for groups to play. Other children engage in tasks about the game eg what do you want your animal to do when it's your turn to play? TV also more manageable size screen than whiteboard.
Difficulty for proper planning, need to be flexible and very well resourced.
After game play children started to recreate game play experiences. Turn into story telling, making up stories, share what's been found.
Can also use for children pe and gross motor skills.
Projects and topics
Create a car iPad app
Car game in Kinectimals
Linked to cars topic
Phonics test app made my Ray (see Ray's blog), skills gained in game play can be reapplied to edu games
Nick Overton talked about his school's journey towards a creative curriculum
Put topic in the middle, everything they do is linked to that.
Big Maths - Ross Wilson idea. Teach maths via count it, learn it, it's nothing new, calculation (solving problems) CLIC
Literacy - asking children what they want to learn. Based everything round a topic called Our futures - dragons den theme as some want to be in business. Dragons den took on a food theme- making sustainable food, how to grow it, how to make sustainable soup then market.
Mike McSharry - 7freebies in 7 minutes (or possibly more!)
Bing maps - ordnance survey feature built in,
Nen resources, national education resources
Audio network
Resize pictures
Open pictures in picture manager, picture editor
Learning fc - how to apply maths, lit etc to sport
Triptico - iwb tools eg grouping tools, can download or via Internet connection.
Bill Lord - Games based learning round mathematics
Too much emphasis on the play and not enough on the learning, need pedagogy in the conversations. Developed rule - don't play for more than a few minutes.
Chn played mario cart which gave chn data sets about how fast characters raced.
Need something that Engages chn to learn 20 minutes into lesson when it's getting hard, not necessarily right at the start of the lesson.
Used data to practise mental maths eg: 
If these races done as a relay team, which would be the best? looked at strategies to add times together.
What is Yoshi's average time for the season? Make predictions. How many have estimated?
Chn show what they did on whiteboard, use smart recorder then use it to remind chn next lesson.
Show me app - can be used to record screen and voice for similar purposes as Smart recorder.
Gbl needs to be quick, short and sharp way in. Thn get the chn talking.
Andy knill  - a mishmash
Talks about social media. 
Using media - maps, images, video
Note taking on iwb, annotate photos
Support eal students using google translate - assessing understanding rather than literacy skills
Earth stuff app - volcanoes and earthquakes, also weather data
Quake app
Mentimeter app
Bill Lord  - 2 minutes about Lincolnshire hub
Lincshub challenge (based on NorthantsBLT monopoly challenge). Brought ten schools together.
Want to develop schools where ict is sustained across whole school, not just one evangelist. Train teachers through hub, go back and for two months not allowed to do any work outside their school. Must develop within school.
Lincoln has free wifi. Sent teachers out with ipod touches and challenges to complete. Monopoly money used for asking for help.
Teachers need to be about pedagogy when using tech, chn can be about the tech itself - is this where digital leaders come in?
My presentation - Kids and Codes
[googleapps domain="docs" dir="present/embed" query="id=dhbg5g28_205csr7mwgh" width="410" height="342" /]
The afternoon session was spent trying lots of things out, including some android tablets which I will blog about later.

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