Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mission: Explore Food - officially out today!

The fourth in the increasingly popular Mission:Explore range, Mission:Explore Food, is officially released today and is even bigger (literally) and better than what's come before.

Mission:Explore Food Cover

I already have my copy and can say that it is awesome - 159 bonkers missions split into 6 main areas called 'Grow', 'Harvest', 'Cook', 'Eat', 'Waste' and 'Soil' along with the regular 'Basic Training' sections like the other books and tips on being a good guerilla geographer. What makes this more than the other books is that it also contains recipe missions. It really challenges kids (and adults) to think in different ways about food in a fun and playful way. I think this version goes even further to make the experience interactive: pretty much every mission has space for you to add your own drawings/notes/maps/lists etc. In fact, the book starts by telling you it's not finished and that it's your job to create your own unique copy.

So, to create your own unique copy you will need to do one of these things: 
  • If you want to download a free taster of each chapter they are available on the TES here
  • You can get it free on the Kindle app today only here *
  • Or available in hard copy from Amazon here as of today.*
  • Or from Graphicly here for the equivalent of $10*
  • Or as an iBook here for £6.49*

*Prices subject to change

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  1. Mission accepted Emma. Love the blog.