Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Appshed #3mhothouse

Wow, this must be the internet's best kept secret. I'm blogging about this first as this is my main take away from the #naace #3mhothouse. Through appshed you can create a simple app for free! And what's more, it's not complicated. The site claims that you can build an app within an hour and you really can, no need for knowledge of code.
There's a whole host of things you can add to your app - photos, videos, rss feeds, maps etc. The thing that really impressed me is that you can link it to google docs so you can do things like set up polls and receive the data on a google spreadsheet.
The app can be run on any smart phone or computer; the only thing you don't get is your app listed on iTunes/Google Play/generic app market. If you want that you have to pay £350. But it's really easy to put the link to your app on your school website/blog so they can be downloaded that way.
I can see so many possibilities with this - a whole school app containing rss feeds to school blogs, apps set up to guide activities on trips for schools with mobile devices, children creating learning apps. I will definitely be playing and using this with children. There are also help videos and sheets coming soon to make the experience even easier to use.

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