Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Why Kindle?

I have never been a really big reader (I know - shocking for a teacher!) although I do spend a lot of time reading educational books and blog posts, just not so much of a fiction reader. I already have a laptop, android phone and iPad, all of which I have loaded on the Kindle app so I didn't really feel I needed a kindle too.
So why have I just bought one?
The thought never crossed my mind until this week. Then I got to my new school to be told we have some kindles that haven't been used yet and asked to think of some uses for them. So I brought one home for the weekend to have a play with.
At first I couldn't really see the benefit: they really can't do a lot more than your bogstandard book and they certainly don't do as much as an iPad or android phone. But then I started reading a book on it and I was amazed at how easy it was to read. Just so comfortable - no eye strain, no glare, no reflected lights. And that was what made me decide to get one. Purely the screen.
Now I can buy and read as many educational books as I like without worrying they are clogging up our already heaving bookshelves and I might even begin to read a few more fiction books too :)
I am now busy thinking up ways we can use the kindles to promote reading at school.

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